MAC Energy Efficiency Group exists to legitimise environmental initiatives through training, consulting and auditing

Right now, environmental policies are being written with the right intentions, but gaps in implementation means their rollout is falling short.

MAC Energy Efficiency Group was founded in 2014 to address these gaps through consulting and field auditing, as well as training for tradespeople – the frontline in Australia’s transition to energy efficient working and living.

We combine a holistic approach to energy efficiency quality assurance with a core philosophy – get it right from the start. This has seen us help our clients achieve their annual targets for both VIC and SA schemes every year since 2015.

We offer services in the following schemes:


SA Retailer Energy Productivity Scheme


Victorian Energy Upgrades Program


NSW Energy Saving Scheme


Mandatory Renewable Energy Target


ACT Energy Efficiency Improvement Scheme


MAC Energy Efficiency Group has extensive expertise in all facets of energy efficiency training and quality assurance. Founder Merrily Hunter managed the energy efficiency compliance for AGL from 2007, before founding MAC in 2014. Her team brings formidable experience in energy efficiency industry and compliance, field audits, engineering, environmental policy, and data analysis.

Why Organisations Work With MAC



Reduce your costs by outsourcing training and certificate creation services.


Reduced Risk

Implement compliance audits and field checks on your contractors. Upskill staff to ensure your processes are up to date.



Gain an edge in the energy efficiency market. Expand to new markets by having MAC manage your Accreditation / Compliance plans, so you can operate in energy efficiency programs.



In-depth consulting to understand your obligations. Contractor and operational analysis to understand gaps and opportunities.



Get flexible, tailored end-to-end solutions that rapidly address your business needs.

"We need to leave this planet in a better state for the next generation; by building communities focused on climate change and environmental outcomes."

Merrily Hunter, Founder and CEO

Partner with Australia’s leading consultant in energy efficiency schemes